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Bob Books


Bob Books

Bob Books Solution
Bob Books Solution using item VFSNH1

One of the more recent challenges we have faced was finding a library friendly way to circulate the Bob Books. We’re sure you know this already, but the Bob Books are sold in little cardboard boxes that hold the books. This is great for home use, but can pose a challenge when checking out the books as a set (especially when children are involved).

We came up with a few different solutions for circulating these items, however the best solution we found was repurposing a VHS case to house the books. We have one that is made of clear, impact resistant poly that works great for this. It has no hubs on the inside to allow the entire set to fit, and a full sleeve on the outside for the artwork. Our customers have given us quite a bit of positive feedback on this simple solution.

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  1. This is a great idea! Thanks for posting this.

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