Meet the Team

Showcases is a women owned company that has been serving school, church, military, university and public libraries across the nation for three decades. For many years we have specialized in the finest audiovisual packaging available.

Recently we’ve expanded beyond our audiovisual packaging to become a one-stop shop for all your needs.

“From thumbtacks to book racks, and everything in between, we’ve got it all!”

Check us out – over 41,000 new products and more to come.

Our team is dedicated to providing quality products and superior customer service. We have a passion for saving you time and money.

RoseRose is the undisputed Queen of Showcases and is treasured as such. She enjoys all of the different personalities of her team and always looks forward to adding new libraries to the Showcases Family. Excellence and kindness are her most prevalent goals for everyone and everything, making her a benevolent monarch with high expectations. Her direct and assertive personality shakes things up at the office and keeps us all ready for change at a moment’s notice. Making sure the team attitude never gets stale, she laughs, jokes, pokes, plays and pushes the team toward excellence. Rose has made it her mission to keep the big boys in check with her endless commitment to integrity for our customers, products and services. Give us a call anytime; let us know if her mission has been successful!

AlexAlex has been the Sales Team eye candy since October 2007. As one of the two men in the office he is wonderfully mellow and helpful, both of which are necessary when working in an office surrounded by women. Alex works as one of our Sales Consultants, keeping the office entertained with his witty analysis of events, but we all know what he really does. He becomes Captain Showcases, (sshh, don’t tell anyone) racing to rescue libraries across America from overpriced items and uncaring sales representatives! If you need to be rescued give Alex a call today! As Captain Showcases he will always be there to help librarians save money, just don’t let him know we revealed his secret.

AprilApril is a part of the sales team and also works behind the scenes (the sales team secretly fights for her to join them). She has been brightening our days since June 2008 and the office would be bleak without her. Originally from Ohio, she now lives in Florida with her teenage daughter. She has more nicknames than anyone in the office, but each one comes with a reason. She is sweet, friendly, funny and always ready to help in any way she can. She gets blamed for every crazy thing that happens in the office, whether she has anything to do with it or not. She smiles and goes with the flow, which is sometimes necessary…especially when working with a group of quirky people. If you want a friendly personal touch, speak with April and see if you then have your own nickname for her, she seems to collect them after all. Oh, and her favorite word is “moot”, so if you happen to speak to her on the phone be sure to slip it into your conversation.

BarbBarbara has been taking care of the Showcases family from the beginning. If Monica is our mommy… then Barbara is our fairy godmother, as such she keeps behind the scenes until she is needed. She can be known as Ms. Fix-It, but we all know she is the magician of the office. She can fix it, charm it, package it, love it or debate it into submission, no matter what it is! We have not caught her yet, but we are sure we will walk into the office one day and her secrets will be revealed. Her ability to know what is coming next and already have a solution has made her an invaluable member of the Showcases family. We are not quite sure what we would do without her, but maybe she will share her secrets one day. If you are having a problem and something important needs to be decided, Barbara will save your day!

DavidDavid is the second male in our office and is the eye candy for the “behind the scenes team.” His terrifically technical mind and ability to reach items on the top shelf have been keeping the office running smoothly since February 2005. David’s wife Monica often keeps his brilliant wittiness and mischievous spirit in check, providing endless amusement for the rest of the office. If you are ever lucky enough to catch him on the phone, his warm and friendly personality will brighten your mood for the rest of the day.

DorothyDorothy joined the Showcases Family in January of 2015. She quickly became a beloved member with her ability to get along with pretty much anyone, and of course her frequent offerings of baked goods may have also helped…. As a first time Grandma in 2015 (Not counting her first Grandbunny) she loves to show off pictures/videos of her favorite little guy. Dorothy and her long time husband enjoy both of their wonderful sons and one fantastic daughter in law anytime they can, though they don’t live very close. Originally from Nebraska and then Texas, she has now accepted Florida as her home and loves the beautiful warm weather. Dorothy enjoys reading, biking, walking, shopping and of course….baking! Everyone is sure she does something extra to make her brownies so great…we just can’t figure it out, so make sure to ask when you talk to her and maybe you can discover the secret!

JenniferJennifer joined the team in March 2011. She has brought endless energy and enthusiasm with her, though she is still working on transforming the team into morning people. She is an avid reader and often gets teased about walking with her nose in a book. Her vivacious attitude and infinite bounciness are just the things to put the spring back in your step, especially if you have just stepped in a puddle, budget crisis or some other such icky thing. Jennifer loves meeting people on the phone or in person. If you already know her, don’t be alarmed when she talks excitedly to you, it just means she likes you. She enjoys helping anyone with a problem and will do anything you need to make your day just a bit better. If you need some sincere enthusiasm in your day or just a cheerful pick me up, give her a call!

MonicaMonica is the behind the scenes mommy of the office. She has been with Showcases since May 2002 and everyone jokes that she knows everything…no really, she does…sometimes being eerily omniscient. She keeps us all going with her positive, happy attitude and rescues the office often with her problem solving skills. She is married to our very own David and has two amazing little boys. She is nice enough to share the boys in her life with the office, although some of us often contemplate running away with the kids. We refrain ourselves of course, because we could never do what she does every day. If you ever need a cheerful person, able to solve the toughest situation, Monica is the one you need. Just make sure you give her back when you are done, we need her.

NuBarbNuBarb has been with the Showcases family since June 2009 and loves working with all of the crazy people here. She, of course, considers it one of the best parts of the company. She claims she is from the U.S, though there are suspicions that she is really from Mumbalia, as she sometime slips and speaks what we term as Mumbaleaze. She occasionally inflicts wonderful torture on the office using culinary delights of all kinds, courtesy of her husband of course. She is a fun-loving and entertaining soul who gets along with everyone, easily striking up a conversation with you, whether you have known her for 10 seconds or 10 years. She enjoys keeping us alert by throwing beach balls at unsuspecting coworkers, which always livens up the office. Working mostly behind the scenes, she is a treasure we try to keep to ourselves, though we do occasionally share with the libraries in our Showcases family.

SuziSuzi has been one of our favorite behind the scenes people for 15 years. She showers the office with kindness every time she walks in and sustains any positive mood around her. She claims her favorite part of Showcases is the people in the office, though we sometimes think it is actually because we are all mischief-makers. She is the heart of the team and her hugs are fought over fiercely. There are a few people from both teams that claim she is their Suzi, though each person has to use a different name for her…this is done to prevent pandemonium. She sometimes finds a surprise in the form of a flower, or a new ribbon in her space. You probably won’t catch her on the phone, but anyone in the office would be happy to give her a hug for you. Give one of us a call today and give us the excuse we need!