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Circulating WiFi Hotspots (12/7/2016)


Circulating WiFi Hotspots

Here is one example of how a WiFi Hotspot can be circulated
Here is one example of how a WiFi Hotspot can be circulated

More and more libraries are starting to circulate WiFi Hotspots to their patrons. Some libraries are using large, vinyl 2-ring Audiobook on CD albums, such as our ZD40CDR. The rings are useful to include any necessary instruction manuals or booklets. Some have used foam inserts custom cut to house the items. This is a great solution and works as intended, but foam can be costly and labor intensive when used in this manner.

Our goal was to come up with a solution using items most libraries either already have or are readily available, and do this at a low cost.

We opted to use velcro rather than foam. Pictured is an item that has unfortunately been discontinued. We do have a very similar alternate album that can be used Heavy Duty Poly Ring Binder Albums (which are on sale) and a combination of pre-cut squares and cable ties. The velcro squares are adhesive backed and attached to the album, then the velcro cable ties adhere to the square. The hotspot instructions are in a standard audiobook on CD page.

On a larger scale, a roll of velcro tape or velcro dots might be better than the pre-cut squares. You could also simply stick a piece of velcro directly to electrical plug and the back of the hotspot device. We didn’t do this in our example, but it is something to consider for circulation.

Not all WiFi Hotspots are created equally, they vary in size and contents from one model to the next. This album may be larger than needed for some, or too small for others. We have a wide variety of other cases available. Just chat, email, call, fax, mail or send us a smoke signal and we can work on a solution for your specific needs.




One-Time™ DVD Case insert for 3 Discs (6/22/2016)


One-Time™ DVD Case insert for 3 Discs

One-Time™ Locking Security Cases
One-Time™ Locking Security Cases

The One-Time™ brand locking media cases are without a doubt the best selling line of security cases we offer. The One-Time™ DVD cases come in capacities of 1, 2, 4 & 6. As you know though, DVD selections often include 3 discs.

Using a 4 capacity case when you only need 3 discs isn’t the best solution, and there isn’t a One-Time™ brand insert available to convert a single DVD case into a 3 capacity case. We searched our inventory and tried all the inserts we had. Although it is made for an Amaray™ DVD case, we are happy to report item ZJDVD3-IN fits into the One-Time™ Single DVD case (item ZOTDVD1)! Now you can safely lock DVD sets of 3 in the cases you know and love!

The Great Courses (10/14/2015)


The Great Courses

The Great Courses Logo
The Great Courses®
The Great Courses® series from The Teaching Company have proven to be a very popular selection for our customers. We have searched far and wide to find a suitable way to package these items. The best solution we have found is our ZD20T Audiobook on CD Album.

The ZD20T measures 9-1/2″ H x 6-3/4″ W x 1-1/2″ Spine. The inside dimensions are 8-1/2″ H x 5-1/2″ W x 1-1/8″ D. This album’s unique design will accommodate the vast majority of The Great Courses. You can comfortably get 8 Discs and a book that is 1/2″ thick into the album. If you happen to have a selection that is too large for this album, just let us know and we’ll find something else that works for you.

Bob Books (10/13/2015)


Bob Books

Bob Books Solution
Bob Books Solution using item VFSNH1

One of the more recent challenges we have faced was finding a library friendly way to circulate the Bob Books. We’re sure you know this already, but the Bob Books are sold in little cardboard boxes that hold the books. This is great for home use, but can pose a challenge when checking out the books as a set (especially when children are involved).

We came up with a few different solutions for circulating these items, however the best solution we found was repurposing a VHS case to house the books. We have one that is made of clear, impact resistant poly that works great for this. It has no hubs on the inside to allow the entire set to fit, and a full sleeve on the outside for the artwork. Our customers have given us quite a bit of positive feedback on this simple solution.