Devil 2.0 Disc Repair Machine

  • Brand: Disc-Go-Tech
  • Product Type: Disc Repair

Product Description

  • New features of Devil 2.0 Include:
    • 4 Repair settings for both regular discs and Blu-ray
    • Faster repairs and deeper repairs per level than original Devil
    • Improved bearing design – longer lasting
    • New counter tracks polish and pad usage
  • Plus all the features of the original Disc-Go-Devil
    • Repair virtually any kind of CD, DVD, Blu-Ray or Video Game disc
      in one easy step.
    • Unit will remove light to heavy scratches (including dirt and
      fingerprints) using only one polish compound & one set of
      polishing pads.
    • Easy to use – Just simply open the lid, place the disc label side
      down, close the lid, choose the repair cycle you want and press start.
    • Digital interface allows user to customize repair cycle time and
      history function allows user to track number of disc repairs.
    • Repair Rate – 160 discs per day
    • Package includes machine and starter pack – 1 set of polishing pads,
      16 oz. polishing compound, 1 cleaning cloth & 1 oz. final spray (good
      for 160 repairs)
    • Purchase additional refill kit (Cat. # DGD2C) for $ 39.95 – includes 1 pair
      of polishing pads & 16 oz bottle of polishing compound.
    • Dimensions: 9-1/4″ H x 8-1/4″ W x 8″ Depth


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