Find out what real live librarians (just like you!) have to say about our passionate commitment to customer service and our superior products!

Rockaway Township Free Library, NJ – Barbara Herda
I just want to say your company is wonderful. πŸ™‚ April is always a pleasure to speak with and your shipping/packing department always takes great care in the way they box up my orders. Very impressed, everything is always labeled and separated, making checking in and unpacking a pleasure. You are all dynamite!

Waterbury Public Library, VT – Almy Landauer
Your customer service has always been stellar and that is why I recommend you to other libraries.

Milford Town Library, MA – Michelle Ferrucci
I love your company and the customer service is excellent! I think the products are superior as well. I have always, always been pleased with your products and just recommended Showcases to another library looking for durable cases!

Blackfoot Public Library, ID – Brenda Wilcox
We have so appreciated all the wonderful service from Showcases. We have been extremely happy with your products and services for years!

Tecumseh District Library, MI – Gina Walmsley
Ra, ra, ra. I love you guys! I love using your products! Your customer service is excellent! It’s nice to be spoiled but I never expected this level. It’s great! Thank you for all that you do!

Eagle Valley Library District, CO – Julie Van Natta
I really love that you check our orders so thoroughly. You are all doing a great job!

Wharton Public Library, NJ – Eileen Burnash
We love the audiobook cases and were impressed by your great customer service all the way through, from getting a sample to receiving our order so carefully packaged. Do use my comments, my name, whatever! I want anyone to know how terrific you guys are.

Stratford Library Association, CT – Heather Silverman
We received our new library cards and they are great! Everything we wanted and more. Thank you to Alex and everyone who helped with the process. We are so happy. We know our patrons will be happy with our new cards also.

Santa Rosa County Library System, FL – Jennifer Howell
Jennifer is amazing! She is so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Not once did she make me feel rushed or like I was “just another caller” in her workday. I have never spoken to her before, yet it felt like we had known each other for years. It’s like I could “hear her smiling” on the other side of the phone. πŸ™‚ She was very helpful and informative when describing the different types of items I was looking for which made my job so much easier. At the moment we are only looking at samples, but if your products are as awesome as your staff then I’m sure we will be talking again soon. A big high-five to Jennifer today! Thank you!

Lynnfield Public Library, MA – Laurel Toole
Your DVD cases are so much better quality than anybody else’s. They withstand the heavy abuse they get at our library.

Clearwater Memorial Public Library, ID – Marcia Player
The reason we stick with your company is we always know you have top notch service. You are dependable and we appreciate that.

Oconomowoc Public Library, WI – Lissa Radder
So happy with your company. You keep communications open and that is so unique these days!

Belleville Public Library, WI – Deb Dorscheid
We are fairly new to your company and I have to say your customer service rocks!

Benson Public Library, AZ – Kelli Jeter
I love your new website, it’s so much easier to use.

Fort Lee Public Library, NJ – Carole Watson
The Showcases staff is such a delight to deal with!

Eagle Public Library, ID – Megan Williamson
We love Showcases and really appreciate that they have so many great options for our multi-media sets!

Sebring Public Library, FL – Estela Patrick
Just a quick note to thank you ladies for the great products and the outstanding service provided. Special thanks to Marsha for her extraordinary packing jobs!

Canastota Public Library, NY – Liz Metzger
I love working with Showcases. When I call I always get a live person and they have a wonderful staff.

Whitewater Memorial Library, KS – Jean Thiessen
Showcases is my favorite place to order library supplies.

Young Public Library, AZ – Elizabeth Hutton
Your website is different, excellent and wonderful to use!

Casey County Public Library, KY – Kathy Goode
We are a small library and only order av supplies about two or three times a year. There are plenty of places from which to choose but I have always had such wonderful customer service from Showcases that they are one of my bookmarked vendors. I highly recommend working with these ladies.

State Technical College of Missouri, MO – Carol Stamp
We just love your website, every time I have it pulled up and other staff members walk by they stop to check it out. The pictures are great and we love ordering with you.

Norwalk Public Library, OH – Sheila Baldwin
We have worked with Showcases for years and you have always been great. We are so glad you are there!

J. Robert Jamerson Memorial Library, VA – Ryan Higginbotham
You have one of the best websites that I have ever seen for a library vendor.

Wayland Free Library, NY – Karen Deutsch
Great help and so prompt. I love doing business with Showcases.

Darien Library, CT – Janet Davis
Amazing service and quick response, as always. Thanks again for your outstanding help.

Glen Ellyn Public Library, IL – Jamie Simmons
I look to you for my AV packaging and book supplies before I go anywhere else and I seldom have to.

Vernon Free Public Library, VT – Kris Berberian
I love your website, very easy to use and have always loved the AV products. Your customer service continues to be top-notch. Thank You!

Dane County Library Services, WI – Claude Richards
Thanks for making my day, Captain Showcases – er, shhhhh, oops – I mean Awesome Alex. All of you gals (and token guys) are the greatest! Between your incredible website, wonderful selection of quality materials, and absolutely fantastic/personable/friendly/caring service reps I am more than happy to share our limited funds with you. No matter how miserable the Wisconsin weather might be or how stressful my work day is, everyone I have had the pleasure of doing business with at Showcases has always lightened my day by making me laugh and helping put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. (Note to self: Be happier longer by calling Showcases earlier in the day.) Thanks again for fulfilling our needs and taking good care of us – the old fashioned way…Love you all.

St. Lucie County Library, FL – Doreen Pike
Showcases is the best ever! We will never leave you. Your products, service & concern are so wonderful! We’ve been through the likes of Demco & Brodart but always come to Showcases first because you have all the products we need.

Randolph AFB Library, TX – Donnie Roberts
I’ve bought ring binders from many other companies including Demco, Highsmith & Brodart and they’ve all melted due to the Texas heat. Showcases’ albums haven’t come back melted and we are very pleased with them.

Park County Library System, WY – Joanne Patterson
We really appreciate your customer service, you all do such a great job all the time!

Menomonee Falls Public Library, WI – Mari Schmid
The best part about calling your company is that you are all so happy and greet people with a smile. It means a lot to the person calling. The Ladies of Showcases have always been a joy to work with!

Barrington Public Library, RI – Doug Swiszcz
We were so glad when we found your ZSDVD6, it was like manna from heaven!

Douglas County Library District, CO – Christina Virgil
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your great customer service. I’ve been ordering from Showcases for several years and have nothing but wonderful service. I love the live chat feature when I’m ordering and have been very impressed by April and Paula. Thanks again (to everyone) for the great service!

Leland Township Public Library, MI – Donna Stowe
I received samples of your ZD12CDR-W and ZCDR12P-W. I put both CD albums in my car and parked in the sun for two days trying to get them to melt…but they didn’t. You’ve got my business!!

Westbank Community Library, TX – Rhonda Shield
Great customer service and that’s why we love Showcases.

Enfield Public Library, CT – Kristen Massetti
We love ordering from you and you have such great customer service, it is such a pleasure working with you!

Greenfield Public Library, MA – Kate Miller
Your company is very easy to work with and you always work out our problems.

Owen County Public Library, Debbie Campbell
You have a nice selection of items and good prices, so I plan to order more often!

South San Francisco Public Library, CA – Leon Wilborn
You are awesome! We just received the two book trucks today and they look great!

Fairfax Community Library, VT – Debbie Landauer
You guys have great service!

Herrick Memorial Library, OH – Janet Hollingsworth
Wow!! I want to congratulate Showcases for such a fast delivery. I ordered the bean bag chairs on May 29th and received them on May 31. The teens love them and are sitting in them all the time. The younger kids keep asking when can they get chairs like them. They are an all around success.
Thank you again for all of your help.

Southlake Public Library, TX – Nancy Roper
I love your company, I just love it, the products and prices are just great…I am totally satisfied with you!

Haywood County Public Library, NC – Sherri Cutshaw
Y’all are so sweet, you always are whenever we talk.

Renton Technical College, WA – Kate Wentworth
April, you are wonderful and made my day. You took me to exactly what I was looking for and saved me from going through catalog after catalog.

Boone County Library, AR – Christine Rose
We LOVE the CD/DVD security strips we bought from Showcases. I can’t tell you how much my processing volunteer has raved about how easy it is to apply those CD strips, much better than others we’ve tried.

Piscataway Public Library, NJ – Corinne Lodato
Thank you as always for your awesome customer service. I have never dealt with a company that is so pleasant ALL the time. I never feel rushed on the phone if I have questions and always appreciate the knowledge your staff has about your products. I also appreciate that there is a “no pressure” feeling when it comes to sales.

Mansfield/Richland County Public Library, OH – Marian Benjam
The ladies at Showcases came through again! We had a challenge with the Jacqueline Kennedy CD and transcript set, trying to get it packaged so it would hold up for many circulations. Paula and I were on the phone for at least a half hour, and came up with a great solution. Don’t hesitate to give these folks a call! P.S. Barbara, I love you too! πŸ™‚

Linn Technical College Library, MO – Carol Stamp
Love the look of your website!

East Fishkill Community Library, NY – Liz Colbert
Our Great Courses dilemma is solved with your ZD20T.

State Library of Ohio, OH – Joan Sharp
Without you, my job would not be as easy to do…thank you!!!!

Martin Monsen Regional Library, AK – Library Director
I appreciate you going the extra mile and that says a lot about your customer service, which is why I buy from you.

New Orleans Public Library, LA – Cassandra Smith
It is always good to speak with a live person. Jennifer, you were very pleasant.

Greenfield Public Library, MA – Kate Miller
I love your company because you’re really friendly, easy to deal with and have great products.

Howard County Library, MD – Gina Clapp
I love the live chat option you have – I’ve used it twice in two days! It saves me a lot of time.

Canton Public Library, MA – Gail Forster
Alex was wonderful and the website was easy.

We’ve only had one album break since doing business with you (2008). We’ve bought many albums before but the proof is in the pudding. We’ve never had quite the same satisfaction as we get with Showcases.

Menomonee Falls Public Library, WI – Mari Schmidt
Your company really has been a joy to work with and we’re looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Santa Clara County Library, CA – Richard Palmer
It’s fantastic getting a “live” person on the phone, first time around. When somebody answered I thought I might have dialed wrong. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS TO YOU, APRIL & THE CREW

Lyons Public Library, NY – Theresa Streb
I order over the phone with a lot of companies and I must say your customer service is just outstanding.

Davie County Public Library, NC – Ellen Newman
You have spoiled me and now I just call in, I don’t even bother looking things up. You are always so helpful and I try to look to Showcases first for library needs.

Carbondale Public Library, PA – Marie Zaccone
You are great to work with and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

West Des Moines Public Library, IA – Leo Kriz
I wasted my money trying to save money. I purchased a large amount of crap cases from Demco. I was very disappointed in these and they are falling apart. I missed Showcases quality products and personal customer service.

Davie County Library, NC – Ellen Newman
Thanks for all you do to make our work easier. ☺

Sno-Isle Regional Library, WA – Karen Kramer
You are all awesome over there! ☺

Farmers Branch Menske Library, TX – Cassandra Coffey
To Showcases Staff, Thank you for your wonderful products & service. It has been a pleasure working with you all. Especially Monica, who called to make sure I understand the type of pocket I ordered, since it was different from our previous order. Now THAT is great customer service! So thank you for everything from Farmers Branch. If anyone ever asks, I’ll recommend your company because of the great products you sell & your superior customer service.

Rawson Memorial Library, MI – Julie Veneziano
I like using you because you guys are always so customer oriented.

Glen Ellyn Public Library, IL – Jamie Simmons
Showcases is the only place I’ve been able to find the Nintendo DS game case (ZOTDS1). You guys are a god send. Thank you, Thank you!!

Pike County Public Library District, KY – John Campbell
I really like your premium quality audiobooks. They’re the Cadillac of ringbinders!

Hesperia Community Library, MI – Colleen
Just a comment…Love the website!

Chesterfield Township Library, MI – Lynn
We have ZDVDA1s we ordered from 2008 that are pristine compared to the rest of our collection. They are a strong case, can take punishment & come out looking great! The hubs are easier for the patrons to use also. (Comment made 12/08/10)

Wharton County Library, TX – Mary K. Cervenka
I really like the website and live chat option. It was very helpful!

Berthoud Public Library, CO
Showcases really did save us money! Brodart wouldn’t have done that for us.

Sheridan Public Library, OR – Penny Toepell
We love the ZDVDSC. One of our patrons left this DVD case on the top of their truck & pulled out into traffic. The DVD case slid off the truck and they ran over it! Through all of this the case held up. It only had a missing corner after being run over!!

Fremont Area District Library, MI
We circulated the ZSB1 (Strongbox) and everyone here at the library LOVES it. We realize just how much money we can save by not buying more cases. Regular jewel cases would only last us two circulations.

Bank Public Library, OR – Denise Holmes
Thank you, April, and the Showcases’ Ladies — As always, you take great care of us…and we appreciate your attention to detail so much.

Salado Public Library, TX – Marsha McGuire
I appreciate you calling me about our order. You always have such great customer service!

Edwin A. Bemis Public Library, CO – Meredith Gipson
We love Showcases because you are so customer service friendly.

St. Mary’s County Library, MD – Phyllis Krasnokutsky
I love your online service. It makes my life so much easier.

Pine Bluff & Jefferson County Library, AR – Tammie Harris
You’re just great! Anytime there is a problem all I have to do is call and you take care of it right away.

Laurel Jones County Library System, MS – Susan Blakeney
Thank you so much for creating online ordering. We love ordering from your company and recommend it every chance we get.

Mansfield/Richland County Public Library, OH – Marian Benjamin
I love your products. You have always been able to fulfill some of our most challenging packaging situations. The customer service at Showcases is far better than most other companies I have dealt with. You folks are truly the best!

Union Carnegie Library, SC – Bev Weed
We’d like to compliment Monica and the Ladies for their outstanding service. The service goes above and beyond expectations. We expect good products and service and your team provides great products and GREAT service! Thank you.

Peru Free Library, NY – Becky Pace
I do appreciate speaking with a real, live human.

Banks Public Library, OR – Sharon Rub
Love your new web site! I just placed an order online and want you to know how easy it was. Everything is self-explanatory & easy to follow. Your products always perform well and items are shipped in a timely manner.

Yates Community Library, NY – Emily Cebula
Paula and the Ladies are awesome! I love the direct contact, some of those telephone menus are preposterous. I am telling everyone about you. I love what you do and how you treat people. You made me feel so special even though we only have a small library.

Ketchikan Public Library, AK – Kelly Johnson
I love Showcases!! You ship to us in Alaska and have worked with us for years. Thanks for being our go to place for cases!

Highland Park Public Library, IL – Bin Zhao
Love you guys!

Woodridge Public Library, IL – Amy Weiss
What great products and a great company! The products are such high quality and last longer than any others that I have found.

Garden City Public Library, NY – Carolyn Voegler
We are customers of Showcases and are very happy with the products & prices. The staff has been very helpful.

Eufaula Memorial Library, OK – Margaret Collins
Always good customer service!

Martin Monsen Regional Library, AK – Sheila Ring
I love doing business with Showcases. You are wonderful. You always make me feel special even though we are a small library and can’t spend a lot of money.

Mahwah Public Library, NJ – Josie Ficaro
We are so happy with your company. We love your service and products. We have no need to go anywhere else.

Williamson Free Public Library, NY – Gail Howard
I love doing business with your company!

Laurens County Library, SC – Jeanette Cook
Your greeting is the most impressive I’ve ever heard and I like that you back it up with your service.

Helen Matthes Library, IL – Margo Probst
I was so impressed with your great service. It was greatly appreciated.

Haltom City Public Library, TX – Rina Aragon
You’ve exceeded my expectations!

Tuckahoe Public Library, NY – Debbie Ascone
When you called us about our order we were very happy to know that someone was checking orders that closely. Your web site is very easy to use and straightforward. I was so happy I didn’t have to ask anyone for help. I give a BIG THUMBS UP!

Dickson County Public Library, TN – Brenda Buchanan
You’re a breath of fresh air, and really easy to work with.

Alliance Library System, IL – Kitty Pope
Oh my gosh, I love your website. Amazing!!! I’m going to use it for my marketing class.

Owen County Public Library, IN – Debbie Campbell
I will start using Showcases more in the future. I really like the way they package things – it definitely make a difference.

Renton Technical College Library, WA – Kate Wentworth
I love the personal greeting on the website. It sounds welcoming and the website is one of the most welcoming websites I’ve been on.

Spanish Peaks Library District, CO – Beth Harper
I really appreciate the fact that you keep the smaller libraries in mind & keep older technologies around when so many other companies only focus on the cutting edge.

Monroeville Public Library, PA – Johnna Cornelius
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job! You guys make it so easy to order!

Norwalk Public Library, OH – Sheila Baldwin
I like the ease of your website & the color pictures of your products.

Sheridan Public Library, OR – Toni Rose
I think Showcases’ staff are friendlier than the Keebler Elves. I love that they are women owned and the greeting when they answer the phone.

Morton Memorial Library, NY – Sandy Bartlett
I am so happy with Showcases. The poly CD cases are fabulous – best in the world.

Spokane Public Library, WA – Judy Morton
I REALLY appreciate your company!

Eagle Valley Library District, CO – Julie VanNatta
It is always a pleasure to work with you ladies at Showcases.

Braselton Library, GA – Bev Adkins
You have exceeded my expectations!

Glen Ellyn Public Library, IL – Jamie Simmons
Dear Showcases, Just wanted to let you know what a great company you are. You’ve helped me out quite a bit over the past 7 years. Thanks a bunch!!!!

Greendale Public Library, WI – Mary Helen Block
Showcases is OUTSTANDING in every way – Wonderful products, service and staff. Much cheaper than Demco and found things for us when no one could.

Lee County Library, FL – Linda Phillips
Thank you for your help with my packaging problem. Your company was the only one who could come up with a solution. I really appreciate all the effort.

Chandler Public Library – AZ – Ginger Miloserny
You can exceed my expectations by sending a big Margarita!

Gale Free Library, MA – JoAnn Audette
The majority of libraries say Showcases is the way to go! Many of the libraries in Massachusetts love Showcases and their Exclusive ZSDVD6.

Canton Public Library, MA – Lisa Quinn
I like your company, so I keep coming back.

State Library of Ohio, OH – Joan Sharp
Whenever I call, the Showcases’ staff answers all my questions and are super fun. You are 99.9999% error free – I don’t know how you do it! You all are great!!! Exceeded my EXPECTATIONS!!!!

George F Johnson Memorial Library, NY – Ed Dunscombe
I order from Showcases because I love their customer service!

Flossmoor Public Library, IL – AV Librarian
I must commend the service I received from Barbara. Thank you to Barbara for going the extra mile.

Hancock County Library, MS – Alyce Catchot
Showcases has wonderful customer service! I love them!!

Goshen Public Library, CT – Lynn Barker-Steinmayer
Showcases’ greeting always makes me chuckle!

Individual, NJ – Judith Ward
I love the way Showcases answers the phone and they always exceed my expectations.

Randolph AFB Library, TX – Donnie Roberts
I switched to Showcases’ ZCDR12 and ZCDR24 albums and haven’t had any problems with the albums melting in the heat. Both Demco and Highsmith albums I used in the past melted.

Imperial Point Branch Library, FL – Becky Peters
When I have a question Showcases’ staff is always friendly and knowledgeable.

St. Tammany Parish Library, LA – Ann Saucier
It is so great to know that some companies still believe in customer service!

Union Carnegie Public Library, OR – Louise Shelden
I was so pleased with Showcases’ products and even more with the staff.

Bolivar County Library, MS – Joi Howarth
I love the quality of Showcases’ DVD cases.

Shirley Wright Memorial Library, WI – Judy Grant
Thank you for the Showcases’ coupon. We small libraries can’t get a break. I love the exclusive ZSDVD6 – its flexibility & the fact you can put as many DVDs as you want in the case.

Nueces County Library, TX – Elizabeth Chapa
Showcases’ Amaray II Security Cases (ZDVDA1) save us time and money!

Lewiston City Library, ID – Elena Mechling
I love that I can find the exclusive and hard to find cases at Showcases.

Harlingen Public Library, TX – Sarah Munoz
I was so happy Showcases had a multi-media album for my Spanish language books.

Rogers Free Library, RI – Cheryl Stein
Showcases has excellent customer service!

Beloit Public Library, WI – Jane Blackwood
Your new website is one of the easiest websites I’ve used to order anywhere.

Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library, TX – Sharon Neuman
Showcases has always exceeded my expectations!